Conference Proceedings

International Conference on Academic Research in Engineering, Management and Information Technology (ICAREMIT-15)

* All the accepted and presented papers of the duly registered authors will be published in the special conference issues of the following international journals
*International Journal of Advance Research in Science and Engineering (IJARSE, ISSN- 2319-8354,Impact Factor- 1.142) []
Volume No 04, Special Issue (01), February 2015, ICAREMIT-2015
*International Journal of Advance Technology in Engineering & science (IJATES, ISSN-2348-7550, Impact Factor- 1.012) []
Volume No 03, Special Issue No. 01, February 2015, ICAREMIT-15
*International Journal of Science Technology and Management (IJSTM, ISSN-2394-1537, Impact Factor- 1.011) []
Volume No.04, Special Issue No. 02, February 2015, ICAREMIT-15
* International Journal of Electrical & Electronic Engineering (IJEEE, ISSN-2321-2055, Impact Factor- 1.6) []
Volume 07, Issue 01, Jan- June 2015, ICAREMIT-15