Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many authors can there be in a paper?

There can be 3 authors in a single paper., If More than three authors, each author will be added with additional 500 INR.

2. Do all the co-authors will have to register?

No, Only one author need to register but if more than one would like to attend the conference then they will have to Pay for lunch coupon and conference kit , This payment can be made on same day on the registration desk.

3. Will the co-authors get the certificate?

Yes, all the co-authors shall get the certificate as they have also contributed their efforts in the paper.

4. Is it necessary for all the co-authors to come to the conference?

No, it is not necessary.

5. Will the in-absentia be allowed?

Yes, it is allowed.

6. Can we get the certificate, if for any unavoidable reason we are unable to attend the seminar?

Yes, certificates will be dispatched to his/her correspondence address by post just after the conference with postal charges of 100 INR

7. Is it necessary to present the paper to attend the conference?

No, it is not necessary. You can also attend the conference as a Listener.

8. What is the registration fee for only Listener and what they will get?

The registration fee is 1000 INR , you will get registration kit, lunch and certification for attending the conference.

8. Does the registration fee include accommodation charges as well?

No, the registration fee does not include accommodation charges.

9. Can I be accompanied by one more person?

You can be accompanied by as many people you want, but you will have to take the extra lunch coupon for each one of them.

10. Will the paper also get published in the journal?

Yes all the accepted papers by the review committee will get published in the journal. Also all the papers presented in the conference will be published online ( in the conference proceeding, which will also have the ISBN number.

11. What is the page limit for research paper?

Page Limit 10 Pages. Extra Page will be added by 100 INR per page.

12. Will it is possible that we can get the hard copy of conference proceeding?

Yes , Hard copy of Proceedings will be provided with extra @ INR1000/USD50.

13. If I am the old author am I entitled for any concession or rebate in registration fee

You can pay 25 % less fee.

14. If in my Research scholar and my research guide is also with me, then how much I need to pay?

Maximum three authors in one research paper (All three must be students then fee is 2000 INR else 2500 INR)., So you need to pay 2500INR

15 What the registration fee includes?

The registration fee includes:
• participation of one registered person in the conference.
• publishing of the abstracts and full papers in the international Conference proceeding with ISBN number
• Conference kit
• Tea and Lunch during the Conference.

16 What is the difference in the certificate for presenter during conference and absentia

No difference

17. Whether the word absentia mentioned on the certificate?

No, it is not mentioned on the certificate