Editorial Board / Speaker

International Conference on Recent Trends in Science, Engineering and Technology ICRTSET-2023 Email: submit@conferenceworld.in


Hon. Chief Patron

Prof. R. V. Patil

President, KBS’s COET NMKC, Jalgaon

Mr. V.D. Nair

Vice-President, KBS’s COET NMKC, Jalgaon


Dr. S.P. Ahirrao

Principal, KBS’s COET NMKC, Jalgaon

Dr. P.N. Patil

Vice-Principal, KBS’s COET NMKC, Jalgaon

Prof. P. R. Patil

Principal, KBS’s NMKC Polytechnic, Jalgaon


National & International advisory Board

Dr. K.V. Kale

Vice-Chancellor of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Technological University, Lonere

Prof. Debabrata Dhupal

HOD, Production Engg. Dept., VSSUT, Burla

Dr. Arun Kumar Dwivedi

Director (IQAC) & Professor in Civil Engineering, Sandip University

Dr. R. L. Shinde

Professor, Head, Department of Statistics, Actuarial Sciences

Dr. Pradeep. M. Patil

Principal, SGVSS Adsul's Technical Campus

Dr. V. N. Gohkar

Principal, MMCOE, Pune

Dr. A. A. Godbole

Professor, Head of Department, Electrical Engg. AISSMS COE, Pune

Conference Convener & Co- Convener

Prof. D.G. Pardeshi

HOD Civil Engg. Dept.


                                           Prof. S. R. Kolhe                     Prof.K.S.Patil                                                 

 Academic Coordinator.            HOD, Ele. Dept.

Co- Convener                      Co- Convener


 Organizing committee

 Organizing Chair

Prof. J. G. Patil, HOD /ME

Prof. R.Y. Patil, HOD/WS

Prof. Mrs. P. A. Patil, HOD /CO

Prof. C. R. Wagh, HOD /AS

Program Chair

Prof. R. S. Bhoge, AP/CE

Prof. D. R. Tayade, AP/ME

Prof. S. K. Rane AP/ME

Prof. Mrs. R. P. Chaudhari AP/CE

Prof. S. H. Khan AP/EE

Prof. Mrs. P. S. Chaudhari, AP/EE

Prof. Mrs. M. L. Patil, AP/CO

Prof. A. R. Patil, AP/AS

Prof. P. R. Wani, AP/CE

Prof. K. H. Bagul, AP/ME

Prof. Mrs. S. A. Nikumbh, AP/EE

Prof. K. B. Patil, AP/CO

Prof. Mrs. V. K. Patil, AP/AS